1. Peak Asphalt, Too?
    by Jamey Hecht

  2. Tax dollars that could have been spent on good transportation infrastructure

  3. Greens must come out of the woods

  4. Portrait of a Poverty Maker and Poet: Gerard Louis Dreyfus

  5. Cultivating Poverty - The Impact of US Cotton Subsidies on Africa (PDF)

  6. Resource Insights: James Woolsey, Hemp Advocate
    by Kurt Cobb

  7. Grist Magazine

  8. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

  9. Attila the Biker - Letter to the Editor: Chicago Reader

  10. 10yr old Chicagoan run over on bike - Proposal for proper Chicago bike lanes
    by Ellen M. Smith & Brian Haag

  11. Biofuels from Switchgrass: Greener Energy Pastures

  12. Farm Subsidies | Uncle Sam's Teat

Publications, Periodicals, & Documentaries:

  1. Environmental News and Humor | Grist Magzine

  2. How the Peregrines Learned to Hack the Big City
    by Katherine Millet

  3. Subsidy Reform and Sustainable Development, Economic, Environmental and Social Aspects

  4. The Last Mountain by Robert Kennedy, Jr.

  5. Professor Moyo's excellent book about our agriculture subsidies and how they ruin trade opportunities for developing nations

  6. The Enduring Racket: Why the Rich Won't Budge on 'Farm' Subsidies
    by John Madeley









  1. Oxfam America

  2. Sustainable Harvest

  3. Midwest High Speed Rail Association

  4. Rocky Mountain Institute

  5. REP America, Republicans for Environmental Protection

  6. Ernst Conservation Seeds

  7. Angelic Organics - Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

  8. North American Industrial Hemp Council

  9. Chicago Critical Mass

  10. Defenders of Wildlife


  1. Grizzly Bear Man - Good Natured Humor







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