Let's put an end to using our tax dollars to DEGRADE the earth and our quality of life.

Educating Students and the General Public on Green Economics

Every year, the government allots billions of dollars in the annual budget for environmental agencies and projects. While it is great to think that the country’s leaders are taking steps to help solve various ecological problems, there are still government-funded industries that are harmful to human health and our shared ecosystem on this amazing planet, our home!

Big-Medicine, NFP

At Big Medicine, NFP in Chicago, IL, we aim to address this issue. Our organization is dedicated to educating the general public, including students of all levels, about green economics.

Embarking on Our Journey

What led us to our purpose were simple phrases: “cut off the disease at its source,” “connect the whole equation,” and “think ecologically.” We are excited at the possibility of restructuring the government funding that subsidizes decaying and harmful industries through dramatic tax cuts or fund reallocation to life-and earth-affirming ventures.

What We Do

Established in 2004, our organization serves our charitable purpose by running a resale shop and advancing education for the nation, especially students of any age. We explain the concepts through one-on-one daily chats, speeches, seminars, workshops, conferences, and other gatherings.