Some Facts About Our Solid Waste Tax Dollars

Big-Medicine, NFP

Donald Trump Saved $$$

Donald Trump saved $550,000 per year on what were his waste disposal costs at the Taj Mahal resort in Atlantic City, NJ.

Because he set up source separation, i.e. recycling, he sold the food scraps to hog farmers and got haulers to take the paper, metals, and glass.

In the future, when markets are stronger, when we stop subsidizing landfills and incinerators, these same haulers will pay us to pick up our recyclables, like they do in India.

If Trump can do this (saved $ and the environment at the same time) we can do it with all our large government institutions, Congress, schools, jails, courts, all public buildings, etc.

As communities, we can return our recyclable items to the grocery store parking lots and put them into large containers, ready to be trucked or trained away. This is how Europeans do it, because it is cost-effective. Door-to-door pick up is not cost-effective because there is too much cost of labor and trucking involved.

A national bottle bill would save tens of millions of dollars annually in emergency room visits because of accidentally cut/injured feet of children and adults, also the paws of family's pets. A national bottle bill would help hugely with litter. It also provides $ for motivated children, teenagers, thrifty adults, and homeless people.

Thanks for considering these facts. Now let's get making this happen!
- Brian Haag

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Big-Medicine, NFP