Advancing Education on Green Economics

Big Medicine, NFP is a 501c(3) organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible.

Big Medicine NFP, doing business as Green Element Resale, is educating students of all ages as well as the general public about green economics through one-on-one, daily and informative chats, speeches, seminars, workshops, conferences, or other gatherings.


We ran into a bit of a complex issue here ourselves at Big Medicine, NFP dba Green Element Resale. A friend unearthed our low score (65/100) by a ratings organization called Charity Navigator. Hence, it took a very long time to unravel this mystery of why they scored us so badly. Charity Navigator uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to rate over 200K charities nationwide annually. The accountants for our resale shop had been listing all of the items donated under the '$ Gifts and $ Grants' category instead of the more appropriate "$ Costs of Goods Sold" category. We have to invest $ time and $ labor to go out and get donated items from downtown high rises to north shore suburbs and all points in between, while concurrently offering deliveries of larger/heavier purchases. We also operate a brick and mortar with a current staff of over 20 people - therefore we need to operate multiple crews and vans simultaneously. We are not a membership organization - but it appeared to the Charity Navigator's artificial intelligence algorithm that we were taking in $ donations and not spending them on one of the programs in their AI system. Strangely enough, charity resale shop is not one of the programs they evaluate, so it was doubly incumbent on us to figure out how to properly list our "donations" on our 990 federal return and the AG 990. It took very long to get to the bottom of this and we have just recently refiled an amended 990 to get this issue straightened out. We are now waiting for Charity Navigator artificial intelligence algorithm to get to our tax return and scan it again for their scoring.

Our activities include the following:

Website to illuminate the concepts of Big Medicine, NFP and green economics

Big Medicine, NFP attends schools, gatherings or events to spread awareness about government subsidies and industries’ affect on the economy and the environment. We support free market behavior and encourage others to trust that a conscious, free flowing system will produce environmentally beneficial technologies.

We host and attend local events to help integrate green economics into peoples’ schedules. Whether it’s a musician in the shop, attending neighborhood group meetings, CAPS, or local annual events, the connection to Big Medicine, NFP will promote green thinking and action.

Upon training and understanding what Big Medicine, NFP preaches, others will further the spread of green economics by confidently thinking green throughout daily interactions with others and the environment.