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Public Lands and Forests Tax Dollars

Government Spending of Public Lands and Forests Tax Dollars



  • We have roughly 260 million acres of public land in the western states, which our government leases some of it for livestock grazing.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGjnIG7puzY
  • $30 million is spent annually for predator control, i.e., killing mountain lions, coyotes, wolves, birds of prey, etc., to protect cattle, which yield only 3% of the meat consumed in the U.S.
  • Only 2.5% of old growth forests remain in our country, yet the U.S. Forest Service spends nearly $2 billion a year building logging roads.
  • The primary method of harvesting trees on public lands is clear-cutting.
  • We lose $400 million annually selling timber BELOW COST.
  • Public Land is sold to mining companies for $5.00 per acre.


  • Federal lands were all once Native American lands – they must now be protected forever to maintain the jewels of the natural world – PLEASE watch the documentary      PUBLIC TRUST   !!!
  • Anderson-Tullya highly successful timber company, uses selective harvesting methods, cataloging all trees on their property and deciding when to cut each tree, insuring the survival of the ecosytem and the profitability of their business.
  • Mining companies leasing private lands pay an average of $25 per acre, while contractual remediation standards are much more stringent.


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